IFM Admission



The Institute is committed to providing a fair admissions system that provides equal consideration for applicants who apply by the relevant closing date. The admission criteria treat all students fairly and do not discriminate unlawfully because of marital status, gender, race (including colour, nationality, national origin or ethnic origin), disability, pregnancy and/or parental status, age, religion or belief, political or other opinion, social origin, property, birth or other status.

Applications are assessed on the basis of the information provided by the applicant on the application form and supporting documents. All admission decisions are made on the basis of merit and the ability of each applicant to meet the academic criteria for admission to the relevant programme of study. The burden of proof for the authenticity of documents submitted during applications process lies on the applicant. The Institute reserves the right at any time before or during the progress of the programme to revoke the admission and/or registration status should it be found that the applicant used false documents or does not meet the Institute's criteria for admission.

Applicants are required  to register  their names as they appear in their  academic certificates(O and A level ). The bussiness number for payment is 888999.For more information and guidelines to complete the application, go to the instructions tab.

For any Problem please  use the contacts below

Admission Office
+255 785 800 750
+255 785 800 725
+255 785 800 726
+255 789 206 282

Technical Support
+255 785 800 709
+255 785 800 716

Payment issues


Instructions on how to apply to various Programmes at IFM

Registration for an Admission Account

  1. Register for an account in our system through the button (register).
    Note: to register for an account in the admission system you will need to supply the following details:
    • First name
    • Middle name (optional)
    • Surname
    • Email Address
    • Mobile Telephone Number
    • To finalize registration you will need to put in password that you will use whenever you wish to log into our system. And lastly fill in the characters captcha as will be shown in our site and then click the register button at the bottom to register for an account.
  2. If you are successful registered, then system will send an email to your email address, please log into your email account to use the instructions in the e-mail sent to you by the system to activate your admission account.
  3. Use the link sent into your email to log into our Admission system.
    Note: Your username is: Your email address

             Your Password is:   the password you supplied during registration

Make an Application:

When successfully logged in your account you will find a notification that your account is successfully activated.

Click on the “My Application” menu link to start the application process. Once you do this, you will be presented with four [4] steps to complete application as follows: You will be presented with four[4] steps to finish the application

  1. My Profile
    Update your profile by filling the information required in the profile form
    • Choose programme type i.e. bachelor, diploma, certificate etc. from Programme Type drop down list.
    • Choose the Entry Category for the programme type from the Category drop down list
    • Write names as they appear in your academic certificates
    • Provide other remaining information i.e. sex, country of citizenship, disability (if any) and mailing address.
    • Click “Save and go to Step 2” button to save the information and proceed to step 2 of the application process where the system will provide you a reference number which you will need to pay admission fee.
  2. Application Fee
    Use the reference number shown to pay application fee by using mobile money services (M-Pesa, Tigo-Pesa and Airtel Money).

    The required application fee amount  for all programmes is Tshs 10,000/-

    Following is the instructions on paying application fee using mobile operators:

    • Vodacom M-Pesa
      • Dial *150*00#
      • Choose Option 4 --- “Pay by M-Pesa”(“Lipa kwa M-Pesa”)
      • Choose Option 4 --- “Enter Business Number” (“Weka namba ya kampuni”)
      • Enter Business Number (Weka Namba ya Kampuni) --- 888999
      • Enter Reference Number (Weka Kumbu kumbu ya Malipo) --- You will be given this unique reference number by the system.
      • Enter your pin (Weka namba yako ya siri)
      • Confirm payment (Thibitisha malipo)
    • Tigo-Pesa
      • Dial *150*01#
      • Choose Option 4 --- “Pay Bills”(“Lipia Bili”)
      • Choose Option 3 --- “Enter Business Number” (“Ingiza Namba ya Kampuni”)
      • Enter Business Number (Ingiza namba ya kampuni) --- 888999
      • Enter Reference Number (Weka Kumbu kumbu namba) --- You will be given this unique reference number by the system.
      • Enter Amount (Ingiza kiasi)
      • Enter pin to confirm (Ingiza namba ya siri kuhakiki)
    • Airtel Money
      • Dial *150*60#
      • Choose Option 5 --- “Pay Bills”(“Lipia Bili”)
      • Choose Option 4 --- “Enter Business Number” (“Ingiza Namba ya Kampuni”)
      • Enter Business Number (Namba ya kampuni) --- 888999
      • Enter Reference Number (Kumbu kumbu ya malipo) --- You will be given this unique reference number by the system.
      • Enter Amount (Kiasi)
      After payment, the system will automatically update and allow you to proceed to next steps
  3. Academic Qualification
    • For direct entry applicants with both form IV and VI from NECTA Add index number and year and choose either O-level or A-level.

      Your index number should be followed by the year you sat for the exam and the information should be separated by a forward slash; e.g. S0110/0092/2014
    • For equivalent applicants with form IV results from NECTA, add your NECTA results as instructed in (a) above, then submit your diploma certificates by entering required information and upload your diploma certificates in PDF format.
    • For local applicants with foreign certificates, you will need to put results in the system and upload certificates in PDF format
  4. Programme Choices
    Choose from the List of available programmes and provide the choice number (for example if you put value for “choice number” as 1 it means the program is your first choice etc).

    Once you select the program and provide choice number, you can click “Add Programme” button to add the program to your list

    You can continue adding, deleting and editing your programmes until 30th August 2017 which is the deadline date for applications.

Applications are now closed for new applicants.